by PinkTeddy 25/06/2016

PrismataStats is an information portal for Prismata

The goal of this application is to provide replay processing and searching.

To get you replay history type /getReplays [number] in prismata client, where [number] is the number of replay codes you want to retrieve.

To submit your replay history paste the codes here or into the widget on the right hand side. It takes about a minute to process 1000 replay codes. Please do not upload more then a 1000 most recent codes as I have limited database size at the moment. Duplicate submissions do not take up space.

After submitting replay codes you can view your personal statistics at /players/player/[your_name]/overview

You can search through the replay database here. Player and unit names are case secretive so make use of live suggestions. If you get wield results after altering the search query refresh the page.

All tables containing replays (including search) will return up to 100 most recent matches.

If you find any bug please mail me at PinkTeddyMonster@gmail.com or dmitrovalentyev@gmail.com


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